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Fat Loss

Losing weight is often the most popular reason why people visit a gym. However, if you are inexperienced you may be working out the wrong way. You may be under the impression that endlessly running on a treadmill and decreasing your calorie intake, is all you need to do, but you may find it a struggle committing to this in the long term, and you may even be harming your body.

If you do regularly work out and notice no discernible results, this can be incredibly frustrating and exasperating. If you have tried a number of in-vogue diets, and spent countless hours exercising, without your body changing, then you could benefit from a personal trainer. I will assess your current diet and lifestyle, and generate a programme that will eradicate fat and build muscle. I will create a dynamic, structured regime that will hit all of the muscles in your body, and do this in a variety of ways which will keep your body supple and agile.

As a qualified specialist nutritionist, I can also support you with expert diet advice that will ensure that your body loses fat in the right way. Half of the battle is an excellent diet, and my understanding of nutrition will ensure that your body is optimised in every way, so you can lose weight healthily. Get in touch if you are trying to lose weight, as my personal training services in Great Horwood, will definitely help you get results.

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Whether you want to tone your arms, strengthen your core or sculpt your bottom! I can work with you to generate a bespoke programme that will achieve your objectives. I have the skills and understanding that will build your physique week upon week. Knowing when to add that extra weight onto the bar and pushing you through that last rep is critical and you’ll leave the gym feeling fitter and stronger after every session with me.

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Flexibility & Stability

Often overlooked by many gym goers, flexibility and stability are important elements of any training programme. Lack of flexibility contributes to many movement related accidents, because when a muscle is tight, it cannot properly contract and this causes pain. Similarly, a lack of stability will mean your body does not move effectively, and this can also result in injuries.

I can improve these areas with a core routine that will improve your stability and flexibility. Using free weights and medicine balls are an excellent way to strengthen your core and I can incorporate these into a regime that will leave you supple, agile and less likely to injure.

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If you have suffered an injury or struggle with a debilitating illness, it is a recognised fact that exercise is the best way to support your body. Rebuilding your muscles and restoring confidence are critical and I can provide detailed workout plans that will put you on the road to recovery. It is vital that you exercise safely and steadily so that your body will learn to adapt. I will examine your medical history and provide close support so that your body is supported and reinforced with every session.

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The Process


Initial Consultation

The first step will be for me to understand your needs, likes and dislikes. Together we can examine your lifestyle and create goals to work towards. Health screening will take place measuring your blood pressure, chest, hip and waist measurements. I’ll also study your medical history so that you avoid any injuries when working out.


Your Plan

After the initial consultation, I’ll create a bespoke plan that will help you achieve your goals and identify how I’ll support you in that process.



We will organise some sessions where you will have sole access to the gym and me, your personal trainer. If you have a busy schedule, we will be able to find the time for sessions that fit into your lifestyle. Sessions will typically last for one hour.