I know people who are ‘desperate’ to get fit, ‘I wish I had your enthusiasm’, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’, ‘I just don’t have the get up and go’. 

NEWSFLASH - I wasn’t born loving exercise, but I DO love it now. It takes time and it takes commitment, its about creating new habits and breaking old habits. 


I have a very good friend, our ‘cocktail time’ is a run, instead of going out for a mummy break and a glass of wine, we workout together, it’s OUR time. It’s when we catch up. We are chatting the whole time - just like we would around a table with a glass of something bubbly, but instead we are pushing weights, running in the woods, doing Barre or Barry’s, the list goes on. 


There is no magic solution to learning how to love exercise, you don’t just suddenly wake up one day loving it, but you do slowly, gradually learn to love it. 

Your reluctance to drag yourself out of bed and squeeze into your workout gear slowly becomes excitement, slowly becomes less of an effort, then you will find yourself actually looking forward to it - PROMISE!!!! 


You need to find the exercise that you enjoy. It may not be running through the woods, it may not be the ‘whoop whoop’ (as my lovely Auntie says) of group sessions. But it MAY be the gracefulness of Barre, or the headphones in and to the gym to lift some weights, or Tennis / Squash with a friend, the serenity of swimming may be what works for you - thinking time, or the NOT thinking time! keep trying and you will find something you enjoy, something you look forward to doing. You just have to find a way to stick with it. And DON’T be afraid to try, who gives a damn what other people think of you when you turn up to a boxing class not fitting in at all, you have as much right to be there as everyone else! if that’s what you love, do it. 


Your friends, family, children will be watching you, they will want in on the action, I’ve seen the passion my children have for exercise and it fills me with delight. It’s normal for them, it’s normal to see mum go to the gym, for dad to play tennis or go out on the bike. They do it all too! My hope is that exercise will never be alien to them. 


Make that first move, find that thing you love and give it a go. Put your best, brave face on and take a chance! you might just love it. 

Feel free to drop me an email, I’m more than happy to help where I can, I am passionate about fitness and I want you to be too :)